The Buffalo Ejector

Buffalo Ejector

The Buffalo Ejector is a simple Jet Pump, operated by a motive medium that may be steam, water or compressed air, according to the duty to be performed.

The motive medium passing through the Inlet Jet emerges from the nozzle as a high velocity jet stream that entrains vapour or liquid in the body of the Ejector.

The resulting pressure reduction in the Ejector Body creates a vacuum that causes liquid or vapour in the Suction Pipe to be raised up to the level of the Ejector before it is entrained with the motive flow and exhausted through the Delivery Tube at a pressure that is lower than that of the motive medium.

The Buffalo Ejector is inexpensive, easy to install, has no moving parts, is simple to operate, and maintenance costs are negligible.

Normally supplied in gunmetal Buffalo Ejectors can also be supplied in Stainless Steel if required.

Water operated Ejectors are also available in plastic from our 60PA Series. These can be used as an alternative to gunmetal or stainless steel or when handling certain acids.